The Nineties

Here's every album I have got in the Nineties….

The date shows the year I bought it, not the date it was released.

See the Top 10 albums of the nineties


Terry Allen Human Remains 1996

Alpha Come From Heaven 1998

Dave Alvin King Of California 1994

American Music Club Everclear 1992

Laurie Anderson The Ugly Ones… 1995

Kevin Ayers The Best Of 1991

The Band Northern Lights/Southern Cross 1993

The Beatles Anthology I 1996

The Beatles Anthology 2 1996

The Beatles Anthology 3 1996

Beausoleil Their Swallow Recordings 1993

Beck Mutations 1999

Belle & Sebastian The Boy With The Arab Strap 1998

Bjork Debut 1994

The Black Crowes Southern Harmony Musical Companion 1993

The Blue Aeroplanes World View Blue 1990

The Blue Aeroplanes Friendloverplane 1992

The Blue Aeroplanes Broken And Mended (Single) 1994

The Blue Aeroplanes Life Model 1994

The Blue Aeroplanes The Detective Song (single) 1994

The Blue Aeroplanes Rough Music 1995

The Blue Aeroplanes …And Stones (Single) 1995

The Blue Aeroplanes Fruit 1996

The Blue Aeroplanes Warhol's 15 1997

The Blue Aeroplanes Huh! 1997

The Blue Aeroplanes Up In A Down World (Single) 1997

The Bluetones Expecting To Fly 1996

Blur The Great Escape 1995

Bongwater The Big Sell Out 1992

David Bowie Earthling 1998

Br5-49 Live From Robert's 1996

Billy Bragg The Internationale 1990

Billy Bragg Back To Basics 1991

Billy Bragg Don't Try This At Home 1991

Billy Bragg Sexuality (Single) 1991

Billy Bragg You Woke Up My Neighbourhood (Single) 1991

Billy Bragg Accident Waiting To Happen 1992

Billy Bragg The Peel Sessions 1992

Billy Bragg William Bloke 1996

Billy Bragg The Boy Done Good (Single 1) 1997

Billy Bragg The Boy Done Good (Single 2) 1997

Billy Bragg Upfield (Single) 1999

Billy Bragg Reaching To The Converted 1999

Billy Bragg And Wilco Mermaid Avenue 1998

Brinsley Schwartz Surrender To The Rhythm 1992

Jackson Browne Late For The Sky 1992

Jackson Browne I'm Alive 1993

Jackson Browne Looking East 1996

Peter Bruntell Normal For Bridgwater 1999

Tim Buckley Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 1990

Tim Buckley Peel Sessions 1991

Tim Buckley Starsailor 1992

Tim Buckley Happy/Sad 1993

Jeff Buckley Grace 1994

Tim Buckley Live At The Troubadour 1969 1994

Tim Buckley Honeyman 1995

Tim Buckley Works In Progress 1999

Jeff Buckley My Sweetheart The Drunk 1998

Buffalo Springfield Again 1995

Buffalo Tom Big Red Letter Day 1993

Buffalo Torn Let Me Come Over 1992

Jerry Burns Jerry Burns 1992

Kate Bush The Red Shoes 1993

The Byrds Cruising Altitude 1990

The Byrds Final Approach 1990

The Byrds Full Throttle 1990

The Byrds We Have Ignition 1990

The Byrds The Byrds 1992

John Cale Fragments Of A Rainy Season 1992

John Cale Guts 1998

Calexico The Black Light 1998

Kate Campbell Moonpie Dreams 1997

Canned Heat Best Of 1991

Mary Chapin Carpenter Shooting Straight In The Dark 1990

Mary Chapin Carpenter Hometown Girl 1991

Mary Chapin Carpenter Come On Come On 1992

Mary Chapin Carpenter Stones In The Road 1994

Peter Case Torn Again 1995

Peter Case Full Service No Waiting 1998

Catatonia International Velvet 1998

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds The Boatman's Call 1997

Ray Charles The Birth Of Soul 1992

The Church Priest = Aura 1992

The Church Hologram Of Baal 1999

Clannad Anan 1990

Eric Clapton From The Cradle 1994

The Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas 1990

Colorblind James Death Valley Boys Strange Sounds From The Basement 1990

The Colorblind James Experience That's Entertainment (Single) 1997

The Colorblind James Experience Solid! Behind The Times 1994

Ry Cooder Paris Texas 1992

Ry Cooder Geronimo 1994

Ry Cooder Music 1995

Ry Cooder And Ali Farke Toure Talking Timbuktu 1994

Ry Cooder And Others Buena Vista Social Club 1998

Ry Cooder, Bhatt A Meeting By The River 1993

Cotton Mather Kontiki 1999

Counting Crows August And Everything After 1994

Counting Crows Rain Parade (Single) 1994

Counting Crows Recovering The Satellites 1996

Counting Crows Across A Wire 1998

Counting Crows This Desert Life 1999

Counting Crows Hanginaround (Single) 1999

The Cowboy Junkies The Caution Horses 1990

The Cowboy Junkies Black-Eyed Man 1992

The Cowboy Junkies Crescent Moon 1993

The Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down 1996

Cracker Low (Single) 1994

Cracker Kerosene Hat 1994

Cracker Cracker 1996

Cracker This Is The Golden Age 1996

Cracker Gentleman's Blues 1998

The Robert Cray Band Shame And A Sin 1993

The Robert Cray Band I Was Warned 1992

Marshall Crenshaw Miracle Of Silence 1997

Crosby Stills, Nash And Young Four Way Street 1992

Rodney Crowell Life Is Messy 1993

The Cure Entreat 1990

The Cure Mixed Up 1990

The Cure Wish 1991

The Cure Galore 1998

Ray Davies The Storyteller 1998

Iris Dement Infamous Angel 1993

Iris Dement My Life 1997

Iris Dement The Way I Should 1997

Iris Dement Infamous Angel 1997

Sandy Denny Gold Dust 1998

Sandy Denny And Trevor Lucas The Attic Tracks 1995

The Desert Rose Band Running 1993

Dinosaur Jnr Where You Been 1993

Dinosaur Jnr Without A Sound 1994

Dinosaur Jnr Hand It Over 1997

Dr. John Anutha Zone 1998

Slim Dunlap The Old New Me 1994

Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 1991

Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home 1991

Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1992

Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline 1992

Bob Dylan John Wesley Handing 1992

Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind 1997

Bob Dylan Biograph 1998

Bob Dylan Love Sick (CD 1) 1998

Bob Dylan Love Sick (CD 2) 1998

Bob Dylan Live 1966 1998

Steve Earle I Feel Alright 1996

Steve Earle El Corazón 1997

Steve Earle And The Del Mccoury Band The Mountain 1999

Eels Beautiful Freak 1997

Eels Electro-Shock Blues 1998

Eels Your Lucky Day In Hell (Single) 1999

Joe Ely Live At Liberty Lunch 1990

Joe Ely Love & Danger 1992

Joe Ely Live Shots 1993

Joe Ely Letter To Laredo 1995

Joe Ely Twisting In The Wind 1998

The Fabulous Thunderbirds Roll Of The Dice 1995

The Flatlanders One Road More 1992

Steve Forbert Mission Of The Crossroad Palms 1998

Steve Forbert And The Rough Squirrels Here's Your Pizza 1998

Robert Forster Calling From A Country Phone 1993

Dick Gaughan Sail On 1996

Dick Gaughan Redwood Cathedral 1998

The Go Betweens 1978-1990 1993

Golden Smog Down By The Old Mainstream 1998

Golden Smog Weird Tales 1998

Gomez Bring It On 1998

Gorky's Zygotic Mynei Spanish Dance Troupe 1999

Green On Red Scapegoats 1991

Green On Red Too Much Fun 1992

Green On Red What Were We Thinking? 1998

Nanci Griffith Late Night Grande Hotel 1991

Nanci Griffith Other Voices Other Rooms 1993

Nanci Griffith Flyer 1994

Nanci Griffith Blue Roses For The Moon 1997

Nanci Griffith Other Voices, Too 1998

Nanci Griffith Dust Bowl Symphony 1999

Merle Haggard Okie From Muskogee 1998

Half Man Half Biscuit Mcintyre, Treadmore And Davitt 1994

Half Man Half Biscuit This Leaden Pall 1994

Half Man Half Biscuit Some Call It Godcore 1995

Half Man Half Biscuit Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road 1997

Half Man Half Biscuit Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral 1998

Half Man Half Biscuit Eno Collaboration (Single) 1999

Half Man Half Biscuit Look Dad No Tunes (Single) 1999

Half Man Half Biscuit No Regrets (Single) 1999

Emmylou Harris Live At The Ryman 1992

Emmylou Harris Elite Hotel 1993

PJ Harvey Dry 1993

Hazeldine How Bees Fly 1997

Help Yourself Help Yourself 1998

Help Yourself Strange Affair 1998

Help Yourself Strange Affair 1999

Help Yourself The Return Of Ken Whaley 1999

Help Yourself Happy Days 1999

Joe Henry Kindness Of The World 1993

Joe Henry Short Man's Room 1995

Joe Henry Trampoline 1996

Joe Henry Fuse 1999

Boo Hewerdine Ignorance 1992

Boo Hewerdine And Darden Smith Evidence 1992

John Hiatt Perfectly Good Guitar 1993

John Hiatt Y'all Caught 1994

John Hiatt Walk On 1995

Mark Hollis Mark Hollis 1998

John Lee Hooker Don't Look Back 1997

James Hunter …Believe What I Say 1997

Chris Isaak San Francisco Days 1993

Chris Isaak The Baja Sessions 1996

Chris Isaak Speak Of The Devil 1999

The Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall 1993

The Jayhawks Blue Earth 1993

The Jayhawks Settled Down Like Rain (Single) 1993

The Jayhawks Waiting For The Sun (Single) 1993

The Jayhawks Tomorrow The Green Grass 1995

The Jayhawks Sound Of Lies 1997

Waylon Jennings Too Dumb For New York City…. 1993

John Wesley Harding Why We Fight 1993

Daniel Johnston Artistic Vice 1992

Rickie Lee Jones Pop Pop 1992

Rickie Lee Jones Rickie Lee Jones 1994

Rickie Lee Jones Naked Songs 1995

Rickie Lee Jones Ghostyhead 1997

Henry Kaiser & David Lindley A World Out Of Time 1992

AR Kane Sixty Nine 1990

Robert Earl Keen Jnr West Textures 1990

Brian Kennedy Intuition (Single) 1995

Bobby King & Terry Evans Rhythms, Blues, Soul And Grooves 1993

The Kinks Best Of 1998

Ed Kuepper Black Ticket Day 1992

Ed Kuepper Honey Steels Gold 1992

Kula Shaker K 1996

Sonny Landreth Outward Bound 1992

Sonny Landreth South Of 1-10 1996

kd Lang Ingenue 1992

kd Lang Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 1993

kd Lang All You Can Eat 1995

Gerard Langley & Rodney Allen Colour Me (Single) 1993

The Lemonheads It's A Shame About Ray 1992

The Lemonheads Come On Feel The Lemonheads 1993

The Lemonheads Car Button Cloth 1996

Little Village Little Village 1992

The London Theatre Orchestra Classic War Movie Themes 1998

The Long Ryders Radio 1 Live 1994

Los Lobos Colossal Head 1996

The Louvin Brothers 1999

Love Forever Changes 1992

Lyle Lovett Joshua Judges Ruth 1992

Lyle Lovett I Love Everybody 1994

Lyle Lovett The Road To Ensenada 1996

Lyle Lovett Step Inside This House 1998

The Lovin' Spoonful The Very Best Of 1999

Nick Lowe The Impossible Bird 1995

Nick Lowe Dig My Mood 1998

Shelby Lynne I Am Shelby Lynne 1999

Madonna Ray Of Light 1998

Madonna The Immaculate Collection 1999

Massive Attack Mezzanine 1998

Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly 1990

Paul Mccartney Flaming Pie 1997

Wes Mcghee Border Guitars 1994

Maria Mckee You Gotta Sin To Get Saved 1993

Maria Mckee I'm Gonna Soothe You 1993

Sarah Mclachlan Solace 1992

GW McLellan Watershed 1991

GW McLellan Fireboy 1993

GW McLellan In Your Bright Ray 1997

The Meat Puppets No Strings Attached 1991

Natalie Merchant Ophelia 1998

Mercury Rev Deserter's Songs 1998

Miracle Legion Drenched 1992

The Monkees Head 1995

The Monkees Best Of 1995

The Montrose Avenue Thirty Days Out 1999

The Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord 1999

The Moody Blues On The Threshold Of A Dream 1999

Van Morrison Enlightenment 1990

Van Morrison Hymns To The Silence 1991

Van Morrison Cuchulain 1992

Van Morrison Astral Weeks 1992

Van Morrison The Bang Masters 1992

Van Morrison Too Long In Exile 1993

Van Morrison Pagan Streams 1993

Van Morrison Soul Labyrinth 1993

Van Morrison Gloria (Single) 1993

Van Morrison A Night In San Francisco 1994

Van Morrison Days Like This (Single) 1995

Van Morrison Days Like This 1995

Van Morrison How Long Has This Been Going On? 1996

Van Morrison The Healing Game 1997

Van Morrison The Healing Game (Single) 1997

Van Morrison Rough God Goes Riding (Single) 1997

Van Morrison The Philosophers Stone 1998

Van Morrison Back On Top 1999

Van Morrison Precious Time (Single) (CD 1) 1999

Van Morrison Precious Time (Single) (CD 2) 1999

Van Morrison Philosopher's Stone (Single) 1999

Van Morrison And The Chieftans Have I Told You Lately (Single) 1995

Bob Mould The Lost Dog And Pony Show 1998

Mr. Wilson It Happened Like This 1999

The Mutton Birds Nature 1995

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares Volume 3 1990

Willie Nelson Across The Borderline 1993

Bob Neuwirth Back To The Front 1992

New Order Republic 1993

Randy Newman Lonely At The Top 1995

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band The Rest Of The Dream 1990

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will The Circle Be Unbroken Volume 2 1991

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Live Two Five 1992

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Best Of 1992

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Workin' Band 1992

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Not Fade Away 1993

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Acoustic 1994

Oasis Whatever (Single) 1994

Oasis Definitely Maybe 1994

Oasis Cigarettes And Alcohol (Single) 1995

Oasis Roll With It (Single) 1995

Oasis What's The Story (Morning Glory) 1995

Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger (Single) 1996

Oasis Some Might Say (Single) 1996

Oasis Supersonic (Single) 1996

Oasis Wonderwall (Single) 1996

Oasis Be Here Now 1997

Oasis D'you Know What I Mean (Single) 1997

Mary Margaret O'Hara Christmas (Single) 1993

One Eyed Kings Somewhere To Stand 1999

Beth Orton Central Reservation 1999

Al Perry And Dan Stuart Retronuevo 1994

The Pontiac Brothers Big Black River 1993

The Pontiac Brothers Doll Hut 1993

Primal Scream Screamadelica 1992

Prince Purple Rain 1995

John Prine Jesus The Missing Years 1992

John Prine In Spite Of Ourselves 1999

Chuck Prophet Balinese Dancer 1993

Chuck Prophet Homemade Blood 1997

Pulp Different Class 1995

R.E.M Automatic For The People 1992

R.E.M. Out Of Time 1991

R.E.M. Stab It & Steer It 1993

R.E.M. Monster 1994

R.E.M. Bang And Blame (Single) 1994

R.E.M. What's The Frequency Kenneth (Single) 1994

R.E.M. Crush With Eyeliner (Single) 1995

R.E.M. Strange Currencies (Single) 1995

R.E.M. New Adventures In Hi-Fi 1996

R.E.M. Up 1998

Rainer Worried Spirits 1993

Ranch Romance Blue Blazes 1992

Lou Reed Magic And Loss 1992

The Replacements All Shook Down 1990

The Replacements Don't Tell A Soul 1993

The Replacements Let It Be 1993

The Rising Sons Rising Sons 1993

Roachford Permanent Shade Of Blue 1994

Robbie Robertson Storyville 1992

The Rockingbirds The Rockingbirds 1992

The Rockingbirds Whatever Happened To The Rock'birds 1995

The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers 1991

The Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 1991

The Rolling Stones Stripped 1995

Michael Rose Michael Rose 1995

Kevin Rowland My Beauty 1999

Kate Rusby Sleepless 1999

Mike Scott Bring 'Em On In 1996

Mike Scott Still Burning 1997

Ron Sexsmith Ron Sexsmith 1996

Shack H.M.S. Fable 1999

Shiva Burlesque Mercury Blues 1990

Paul Simon The Rhythm Of The Saints 1990

Paul Simon Songs From The Capeman 1998

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Drum 1993

Darden Smith Darden Smith 1991

Spanic Boys Strange World 1992

Phil Spector Back To Mono 1992

Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A. 1991

Bruce Springsteen The Ghost Of Tom Joad 1995

Pops Staples Father Father 1994

Strangelove Strangelove 1997

Dan Stuart Canoworms 1995

Sugar Beaster 1993

Sugar Copper Blue 1993

Sugar File Under Easy Listening 1994

The Sundays Reading, Writing And Arithmetic 1990

Sunhouse Crazy On The Weekend 1998

Supergrass I Should Coco 1995

Matthew Sweet Altered Beast 1993

Matthew Sweet Girl Friend 1993

Matthew Sweet Earth 1994

Matthew Sweet 100% Fun 1995

Matthew Sweet Blue Sky On Mars 1997

Matthew Sweet In Reverse 1999

Talk Talk Laughing Stock 1991

Teenage Fan Club Bandwagonesque 1992

Ten Thousand Maniacs Unplugged 1993

Thin White Rope The Ruby Sea 1992

This Mortal Coil Blood 1991

This Mortal Coil Filigree And Shadow 1991

Richard Thompson Watching The Dark 1993

Richard & L'da Thompson Rafferty's Folly 1995

Linda Thompson Dreams Fly Away 1998

Richard Thompson Mock Tudor 1999

Timbuk 3 Greetings From Timbuk 3 1992

Randy Travis Heroes And Friends 1991

Randy Travis High Lonesome 1992

Randy Travis This Is Me 1994

Randy Travis You And You Alone 1998

Randy Travis A Man Ain't Made Of Stone 1999

Townes Van Zandt No Deeper Blue 1995

Various Jive Soweto 1992

Various Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye 1990

Various Bringing It Down 1990

Various Homeland 2 1990

Various Freedom Fire 1990

Various Kings And Queens Of Township Jive 1990

Various Falling From Grace 1992

Various Sweet Relief 1993

Various Born To Choose 1993

Various Mountain Stage Vol 1 1993

Various Mountain Stage Vol 2 1993

Various No Prima Donna 1994

Various Singles 1994

Various Beat The Retreat 1994

Various Best Of Heartbeat 1995

Various Pure Country 1995

Various Tulare Dust 1995

Various The Best Punk Album In The World 1995

Various Gravity Of The Situation 1996

Various Not Fade Away 1996

Various Dead Man Walking 1996

Various Naughty Rhythms 1998

Various Tranquility Of Baroque 1998

Various 60's Beat 1998

Various Essential Blues And Soul 1998

Various Bleecker Street 1999

Various Return Of The Grievous Angel 1999

Various Sound Of The Suburbs 1999

Jimmy Vaughan & Stevie Ray Vaughan Brothers 1992

The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground And Nico 1991

The Verve Urban Hymns 1997

The Violent Femmes New Times 1991

The Violent Femmes Add It Up (1981-1993) 1993

Violent Femmes New Times 1994

Violent Femmes Viva Wisconsin 1999

Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainright 1998

Loudon Wainwright III Fame And Wealth 1991

Loudon Wainwright III History 1992

Loudon Wainwright III Career Moves 1993

Loudon Wainwright III Grown Man 1995

Loudon Wainwright III The BBC Sessions 1998

Loudon Wainwright III Social Studies 1999

Loudon Wainwright III Unrequited 1999

Loudon Wainwright III Attempted Mustache 1999

Loudon Wainwright III A Live One 1999

Loudon Wainwright III Little Ship 1997

Tom Waits Bone Machine 1992

Tom Waits Black Rider 1993

Tom Waits Small Change 1994

Tom Waits Mule Variations 1999

Scott Walker And The Walker Brothers No Regrets - Best Of 1992

Hank Wangford Stormy Horizons 1994

The Waterboys The Live Adventures 1998

The Waterboys Room To Roam 1990

The Waterboys Dream Harder 1993

Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man 1991

Waterson/Carthy Waterson/Carthy 1998

Chuck E. Weiss Extremely Cool 1999

Gillian Welch Revival 1997

Gillian Welch Hell Amongst The Yearlings 1998

Paul Westerberg Fourteen Songs 1994

Paul Westerberg Suicane Gratification 1999

Wheat Hope And Adams 1999

Wilco Summer Teeth 1999

Lucinda Williams Passionate Kisses (Single) 1993

Lucinda Williams Sweet Old World 1993

Lucinda Williams Lucinda Williams 1998

Lucinda Williams Car Wheels On A Gravel Road 1998

Robbie Williams Life Thru A Lens 1998

Victoria Williams Musings Of A Creek Dipper 1998

Brian Wilson I Wasn't Made For These Times 1996

Brian Wilson Orange Crate Art 1996

Brian Wilson Imagination 1998

Jesse Winchester The Best Of 1993

Jah Wobble Take Me To God 1998

World Party Bang! 1993

Dwight Yoakham Gone 1996

Dwight Yoakham A Long Way Home 1998

Neil Young Ragged Glory 1990

Neil Young Weld 1991

Neil Young Harvest Moon 1992

Neil Young Born To Rock'n'Roll 1992

Neil Young Acoustic Young 1992

Neil Young Citizen Kane Junior Blues 1992

Neil Young The Lost Tapes 1993

Neil Young Love Art Blues 1993

Neil Young Depression Blues 1993

Neil Young Life In The City 1993

Neil Young Lucky Thirteen 1993

Neil Young Unplugged 1993

Neil Young Live At Finsbury Park 1993

Neil Young Inn At The Beginning 1993

Neil Young Old Country Road 1993

Neil Young Sleeps With Angels 1994

Neil Young Old Nightmares 1994

Neil Young Philadelphia (Single) 1994

Neil Young Rock'n'roll Cowboy 1994

Neil Young Chrome Dreams 1995

Neil Young Mirror Ball 1995

Neil Young Tonight's Your Night 1996

Neil Young Broken Arrow 1996

Neil Young Year Of The Horse 1997

Warren Zevon Mr Bad Example 1992

Warren Zevon Learning To Flinch 1995





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