Let's Make This Precious Volume 7

Volume 7 of the classic Phil Robinson collection has finally been released after months of delay, rumour and scandal.

The new compilation lives up to all it's expectations, including the normal quota of contentious decisions and provocative comments.

This special deluxe release also includes the pompous and self-important response from Nick Macree which has long been the Laughing Stock of the literary world.

  Torn Curtain TELEVSION

This is so unlike you. I always feel that if there's a prominent guitar, you won't like it. Yet, you write about the fluid lyrical guitars. Listen, mate, if you want a tape of fluid lyrical guitars I know a man with a million tracks you'd love. Especially some stuff by Rickie Lee Jones....



More distinctive guitar, typical of this group. I always hated them for their lack of soul; the attention to precision and accuracy over feeling, the lead singer with a clipped voice afraid to reveal all, hiding behind a wall of cleverness.


Never heard it - always hated the Associates - love this song - love the idea of Logan Time. Interesting comment about the Associates music being time-trapped and anachronistic. I've had to look anachronistic up in the dictionary and it says that an anachronism is the introduction of a person belonging to a later period. That's great and just begs for a discussion of the most anachronistic musicians of the millenium. Eno, Kevin Rowland, Tim Buckley, Mark Hollis, Martin Peters, Bowie, Robert Smith, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones. The point is that they are all misunderstood geniuses or genii and that's why we love them, partly because of their vulnerability and largely because of their vision which may be flawed but takes us somewhere that we didn't know existed beforehand.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This is my least liked of the TMC albums, but I've always loved the texture of this track. Did I ever tell you about Till I Gain Control Again off Blood. You probably don't remember that you, Paul and I played the start of the second verse three hundred thousand times one time in Harrogate to try to get the lyrics so I bought the Emmylou Harris album with it on and found that the words are "I've never done so wrong as to tell you lies"

No, you haven't included Tears.

 I Believe In You TALK TALK

This is stunning and just makes me wonder why I don't play this album all the time. I never was a long time devotee of Talk Talk, although I did see them in Friars, Aylesbury just after their first single came out. But, no, it was a review in Melody Maker in 1988 which made me buy Spirit Of Eden. Ah, so you like music where the voice acts as another instrument. Have I ever played you any Van Morrison....?

 Freedom Fighters SYSTEM 7

Yeah - I like this but I'm going to have to change a great deal before I can confidently place this in my top 10000 tracks. I never really knew who Steve Hillage was, until now!

 Safesurfer JULIAN COPE

I've got a Julian Cope album and I hate it, there's absolutely nothing likeable on it. I think I could come to like this one though, especially when you write that it could well be an act of homage to Roxy Music. You don't have to afraid, Phil, because I'm a safe Sir for darling.

This is all a bit worrying. I haven't hated a track yet. Luckily I can see that the next one is Underworld so there's always hope. Mind you there's nothing on LMTP1 that I hate and LMTP2 was uniformly excellent. LMTP3 I could do without to be honest and only retain it in order to maintain the value of a complete set. The case is broken on it anyway so it's a buggar to put back. LMTP4 scores only 50%, LMTP5 is flawed and LMTP6, well you had to be there I always say - or did you say that?

 Most 'ospitable UNDERWORLD

Yes, this is you and it's not me. It could be me but I try to avoid those moods, those feelings, that reality.

 Words LOW

You are going to have to explain that assembly to me you know. It's not often that I pick up a newspaper and experience uncontrollable grief, in fact it's only ever happened once and that was looking at that photo. A couple of months later I was talking to Ben about this and he said he did exactly the same. Also, don't expect me, and anyone else reading your notes, not to feel insulted at the idea that you must not look to have troops of friends.

 Sometime Later ALPHA

Yes, I love this on first hearing. There must be a knack to recording vocals like this. Living is a series of linear experiences that can interrelate and the key is anticipation and appreciation of all moments of deep emotion.

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